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We are Geoff & Cathie Field.


We have, in the past, completed restorations for all early Makes & Models, however, our focus over the last few years has shifted to the reproduction of dash knobs for ALL early MAKES & MODELS (NOT just Holden and Valiant.)

We saw the need for this service when we attended car shows and noted the number of vehicles that looked really nice until you came to the paint on the steering wheels, hub caps, badges, instruments, in the engine bay and on various other parts. When we enquired the reason for this the owners told us, "Nobody's doing these things" or "They are not being done very well if people are attempting to restore them".

We have a huge interest in the early vehicles and felt disappointed that so many were lacking those finishing touches for want of a good craftsman or two!

So, the seeds for the restoration ideas was planted over 30 years ago. However, due to lack of time with other commitments and wanting to guarantee a professional and permanent finish to the products, it has taken a lot of researching, developing and refining of our techniques for many years, before we felt secure in bringing all our knowledge and experience to actively participate in this market.

We have been in this market for quite a few years now, whilst still developing concepts for other items in the early vehicles.

We are always striving to improve on restorations we already complete and new ideas are continually evolving with ongoing research and development.

We are committed to this industry 100%.

We have changed our focus to manufacturing exact replicas of original small items ie: radio, headlight, lighter, wiper, choke, etc. knobs.


We will consider any make or model (NOT just Holden or Valiant) so, contact us with any enquiries.

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